Network settings
How to restore factory settings

· Long press the reset button for 6-7 seconds [restore factory settings], there will be voice prompts for the device with loudspeakers “restore factory settings” mode 1: Partial shake head reset button on the device body, there is a prominent button, next to the English logo Reset (as shown below)


  Method 2: Partial shaking machine and panoramic equipment reset hole on the body, next to the English logo reset, reset the hole to use a reset needle or similar item and press the reset button (as shown below)

  Mode 3: Outdoor firing mechanism and large triangle panoramic reset button on the tail line, some need to open the waterproof cover to find (as shown below)

Note: Restoring the factory settings will clear the configuration information and the device password. After reset, you need to reconfigure the network and set the password.


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